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CDS provides the industry's leading electronic credit card processing solution combined with superior customer service to give our customers the edge over its competition. Accepting credit cards is essential in today's business environment to both you and your competitors. CDS understands that providing low cost and high quality credit card processing service is vital to your business to win in the fiercely competitive world. As a merchant service provider, CDS has a variety of choices you can depend on.

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 Why Choose CDS?

Becoming a business partner with the reliable credit card processor can be essential to your business. When you compare trustworthy CDS to other credit card processors, CDS distinctively provides the most efficient processing package in the industry.
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PCI DSS  Compliant

The major credit card brands security established PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) and requires all merchants and service providers handling cardholder data to be compliant.

Our Vision

Customer service and products at CDS are based on enthusiasm. An enthusiasm that is distinctive in our industry. We, at CDS, are the people who are inspired to make a difference by providing remarkable service that exceeds our customer's expectations. We are oriented to our customer's need.

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